Marketing Team via Monthly Subscription

Save an insane amount of time and money by subscribing to our entire marketing team and suite of services for one flat monthly fee.

Consulting for Marketing Strategy & Systems

Marketing Team via Monthly Subscription

Custom Website Design & Development

We specialize in becoming an extension of early-stage companies to push progress forward.

Because our clients need to dedicate the majority of their capital to product development, not hiring an entire internal marketing department.

The average salary for just one
mid-level marketing manager is $64,000.

That’s why we created our monthly subscription model. With your subscription, you have a Marketing Director and an entire team of marketing assistants, advertising experts, graphic designers, content writers, SEO specialists and web developers working to move the needle forward for your business.

Hear Directly From Our Clients


We save you the time, cost and headache.

We’ve already hired the best so you don’t have to. Bringing talent in-house comes with risk and resource drain. By utilizing HSM as your marketing team, you have access to 10+ specialists for less cost than staffing a 3-person internal team.
Everyone at HSM has a minimum of 5 years of experience in their role and have proven their capability to work well, swiftly. Mitigate your risk and push forward with confidence when you partner with the HSM team.

Building Your Own 3-Person Marketing Team:


Average Monthly Salary
(per Glassdoor)

Marketing Manager


Content Manager OR Social Media Strategist


Graphic Designer




Payroll Taxes       9%


Benefits       5%


Technology/Software       12%


Monthly Expense
*Does not include costs associated with recruiting, Training, HR, etc.


Our Executive Team

Chloe A.

CEO / Founder

Cheyenne B.

Director of Client Services

Miljana D.

Creative Director

Leon J.

UX/UI Design Lead

Khawaja S.

Head Developer

Don't hire an agency when you need a team.

Not sure if you're ready for a team?

Our 60-day consulting package is perfect for early-stage companies feeling overwhelmed by which marketing direction to go. Over a 60 day window, our team will collaborate with you and put together a full 12-month marketing plan that includes:

  • Branding Analysis & Recommendations
  • Brand Messaging 
  • Industry Research
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Website Analysis & Recommendations
  • Advertising Strategy with Budget Tiers
  • Partnership Strategy
  • Growth Opportunities
  • Software Recommendations
  • Email Campaign Strategy

Our 12-Month Plans are designed to be picked up and ran with so you don’t spend your valuable time trying to decide which step to take next.